HECTOR CT insitu – Deben CT5000 in use at University of Ghent supporting the study and testing of depositional limestone.

Deben UK are excited to share a paper showing an application of our CT5000 tensile/compression stage. Jeroen Van Stappen worked with our system during his PhD at the University of Ghent. Jeroen created the paper alongside his colleagues which he has very kindly shared with us. Their time was spent carrying out Uniaxial Compression Tests on Limestone Plugs which were smaller in dimension than the plugs used in standard testing. The materials investigated are four different depositional limestones from the Paris Basin which are often used as building material in France and Belgium.

Please click here to read the full article and to see their results.

(Deben CT5000 mounted on the HECTOR sample stage. (L) Detail of the lower part of the compression cell and (R) with a water bath to allow testing in wet conditions if necessary)



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