Dual leadscrew insitu tensile stage for XRD, Optical & Synchrotron

The dual leadscrew stage has been designed to allow both transmitted and reflected illumination and can be fitted to an optical microscope, XRD system or Synchrotron. Supplied with feet the stage can stand vertically like a conventional tensile tester or with the feet removed it will sit flat on a bench or optical microscope stage. Versions with maximum loading to 2kN or 5kN are available, with optional loadcells of 500N and 1kN. Sample clamps are removable allowing easy customisation and the fitting of special clamps for different samples. We can supply fibre clamps, three and four point bending clamps and clamps to hold specifically shaped specimens. Optionally the stage can be supplied with temperature controllers and either heated or heated and cooled specimen clamps with a variable temperature range of -150˚C to 550˚C.


Standard mechanical specification:

  • Horizontally/vertically mounted stage with large void in rear for transmission observation
  • Tensile and compression testing
  • Precision slides with dual symmetrical stainless steel leadscrews
  • Single integrated loadcell, choice of (500N, 1kN, 2kN, 5kN).
  • Static resolution of loadcell: 1000:1, Dynamic resolution of loadcell: 2000:1.
  • 1526:1 gearbox with standard speed range of 0.033mm/min to 0.4mm/min (faster gearbox available as option)
  • Tensile and Compression displacement range: 20mm (10-30mm)
  • Linear scale for accurate position readout, resolution 300nm
  • Weight of stage: ~6Kg Size: 300x150x50mm (approximate, excluding mounting feet and cable clamp)
  • Distance from base of stage to centre position of jaws (L1): 120mm
  • One set of hardened serrated surface jaws with hardened retention pins.
  • Jaws are replaceable and can be exchanged with different types to Deben or customer design.
  • Custom mounting adaptor/feet for customer stage Standard Microtest control software based on current software.

Standard features include the following:

  • Windows 7.0/10.0 software for USB control of module
  • Graphical plot window showing load against time or extension
  • Live display of stress / strain Constant load Constant force
  • Set point/threshold facility
  • Various graphical options such as zoom and cursor measurement
  • Setup menu for module parameters and sample size
  • Data saved in CSV format for easy import into EXCEL

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