SEM Instrumentation

SEM vacuum electrical feedthrough flanges

We have many different electrical feedthroughs available, 15 way D-type (14 pins connected) is generally in stock for common SEMs and ports, others available on 6-8 week leadtime.

All feedthroughs have x-ray shielding built in and are leak tested to 1×10-8mBar.

    • External 15 way D-Type plug to socket with direct pin to pin connections (pin 1 to pin 1) with 14 pins connected (pin 3 is not connected).
    • 26 way high density d-type (15 way shell)
    • 3x BNC feedthrough
    • Triaxial feedthrough
    • 50 way feedthrough (2x 25 way D-type)

Contact us for a quotation, we have all the common SEM ports from JEOL, FEI, Hitachi, Carl Zeiss available from stock. Custom or non standard ports are normally available on a 6-8 week lead-time.


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