SEM Instrumentation

SEM chamberscope

Deben can supply a TV chamberscope for your SEM using an internally or externally mounted high resolution camera with infra-red illumination. The chamberscope can be mounted on any available free port, even one not directly in line with the centre of the column. There is a choice of wide or narrow angle lenses which are user interchangable. Systems are available with or without monitors and with optional USB control and image display. Deben chamberscopes are available for most SEM models, contact us for a quotation and to check compatibility on your SEM.


  • Available in Monitor or PC controlled versions
  • Slimline control box with membrane panel
  • Supplied with a selection of lenses to choose required field of view
  • Two chamberscope & one video input
  • NTSC/CCIR compatible
  • Auto power saving
  • PC and front panel brightness control
  • PC and front panel camera selection
  • Monitor or PC video display
  • Still image acquisition (Bitmap)
  • Video acquisition (AVI)
  • Compatible with Win™ XP/7.0/8.0 32/64 bit
  • Compatible with existing chamberscopes from 3rd party vendors (for video display)
  • High vacuum compatible
  • X-Ray shielded
  • CE, RoHS, CSA & UL compliant

Different chamberscopes are available depending on the SEM model and chamber port availability. The FEG camera has an innovative design allowing the camera to be removed for adjustment of focus or to change the lens (for selection of a different field of view) while still maintaining vacuum in the chamber. The camera and IR illumination components are outside vacuum behind a coated glass window. The camera is mounted to a removable flange which acts as an effective x-ray shield and heatsink for the camera components. For small ports or where no free port is available facing the final lens a Miniscope50 can be mounted on a bracket from the flange or another point inside the chamber.

Chamberscopes are supplied with wide and narrow angle lenses to allow field of view to be chosen at installation or changed by the user at a later date. Systems are available with either a 7” monitor or USB interface. The USB version allows for connection of two separate Deben chamberscopes to provide different chamber views and an additional video input which can be connected to a third party video source such as another chamberscope, or the SEM TV output to allow video recording.

The USB system allows for integrated installation on the SEM PC. Compatible with Windows™ XP/7.0/8.0, 32/64bit. The chamberscope is easily installed and the control box can be hidden away behind the console. USB is used for control of the illumination and video is acquired using either USB, PCI or PCIe card depending on PC specification. The video window can be sized to fit in a free area of the PC screen and you can select always on top to keep the window visible even when working with the SEM control software.


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