Insitu Micro Tensile Testing

Insitu Micro Tensile & Compression stages for SEM

A range of compact micro tensile, compression & bending stages for insitu mounting within SEM chambers to observe dynamic changes to specimens under test.

200N compression & horizontal bending stage for SEM

A range of mini tensile stage with travel of 10mm or 20mm and loadcells from 2N to 200N, optionally available with heating & cooling.

2kN & 5kN Tensile compression and horizontal bending stage

A range of standard and customisable miniature tensile stages with loadcells from 150N to 5kN. Heating/cooling options available.

300N & 2kN vertical 3&4 point bending stage for SEM

Miniature vertical bending stages allowing in-situ SEM observation of the top surface of a sample while running a three or four point bending test.

2kN Tensile stage for SEM EBSD with optional heating

2kN tensile/compression stage with optional heating to 650°C for in-situ SEM EBSD applications.


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