Biaxial & Quadaxial

Deben can supply a range of different stages for Biaxial and Quadaxial tensile testing. Whatever your requirements Deben have a solution for your application, we have a standard 2kN stage and can manufacture other custom systems with different forces from 50N up to 100kN.

Biaxial & Quad axial testing stages

Deben biaxial tensile stages can be used for biaxially stretching sheet material such as textiles, including leather, and also various polymers. Two axes move and the opposite axes track on slides, for a full four axes system consider our quad-axis testing solution. The tensile stage allows engineers and scientists to study the effects of biaxial force upon various materials. Systems may also be used as a uniaxial tensile stage if so required. These stages are generally made to order but we do have some standard designs, contact us with your requirements. We can also make systems with very high force (up to 100kN) or miniature systems for bio-medical applications.

Biaxial testing stage for textiles & thin films








A standalone biaxial stage developed for testing properties of Leather, textiles and rubber products.

Biaxial testing stage for monitoring cell matrix migration

A biaxial test system with custom PDMS membranes to hold cell cultures under test.  See here for application data


Quadaxial testing stage








The 4x 2kN quadaxial tensile stage has been developed for bench-top and SEM insitu use. The stage has four independently controlled axes with separate motors, extensometers and loadcells. This stage is available as a standard or custom system, if you are interested please contact us with your exact requirements.


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