SEM & TEM Detectors

SEM Backscattered Electron Detector

SEM BSE, 4 quadrant or Annular. Built on 30 years of backscatter electron detector experience the microprocessor controlled Gen5 electronics offers unrivalled speed, sensitivity and low noise.

The Deben Gen5 amplifier system has four BSE input channels and a choice of one or three simultaneous video output channels.
Unlike standard OEM back scattered detectors our BSE system provides an unrivalled level of adjustment permitting highly optimised images to be acquired. Matched to the latest developments in our low kV silicon detector technology, diodes are mounted on a retractable arm or in some cases directly to the objective lens.

  • Choice of 10mm, 14mm, 18mm or 24mm four quadrant detector diodes or 26mm Annular diode
  • Highly sensitive for imaging from below 1kV to 30kV
  • Four input channels
  • One output channel (optional three)
  • AUX video input required on SEM for synchronised video display
  • 8,000,000 to 1 amplification
  • Fast TV rate imaging with excellent quality
  • Auto Brightness/Contrast
  • Highly repeatable re-positioning
  • Multiple parameters for signal optimisation
  • PC control (compatible with Windows 7.0/10 Professional 32/64bit)
  • USB connectivity
  • OEM versions available (including DLL library for software integration)
  • UHV version available with bellows & metal seals suitable for baking

Motorised insertion:
The motorised arm provides three positions; inserted, park (semi-retracted), as well as fully retracted. Alignment of the detector position is normally better than 20µm. Control is via software or keypad, motorisation is particularly useful when the detector is mounted in an inconvenient position such as to the rear of the column, or when used in a hazardous environment such as a ”hot cell”.

  • Precision Detector Alignment, <20µm
  • Three Positions
  • Simple computer control

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