SEM Instrumentation

Phenom accessories

A range of accessories is available for the Phenom tabletop microscope:

  • Coolstage -25C to +50C
  • Enhanced Coolstage -10C to +90C
  • Motorised Tilt/Rotate stage
  • Electrical feedthroughs

These accessories should be available from your local Phenom SEM supplier but if you have any problems with sourcing than please contact us directly.

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder

In close cooperation with its preferred development partner Deben, Phenom-World has developed a Temperature Controlled Sample Holder to study vacuum-sensitive and vulnerable samples. This active sample holder is designed to control the temperature of the sample between -25°C and +50°C.

With the use of the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder, the temperature of the sample is manipulated, therefore the humidity around it can be controlled. This enables imaging of moistures and water containing samples as well as reducing the effect the electron beam has on beam sensitive samples. This results in an extended viewing time, without noticeable vacuum artifacts.

The Temperature Controlled Sample Holder can be retrofitted to all versions of the Phenom system.


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