SEM & TEM Detectors

Centaurus Cathodoluminescence SEM CL, BSE, YAG Detector

A scintillation type Cathodoluminescence detector providing monochromatic images, with a quickly removable tip it can be converted to a Back Scattered Electron (BSE) detector giving additional function for little extra cost.

Centaurus gives excellent images at low kV – ideal for those studying fragile and beam-sensitive samples. Changing from CL to BSE is easily achieved by swapping the mirrored tip to a phosphor coated tip. A suitable free chamber port and AUX video input are required on the SEM.

Cathodoluminescence (CL):
Available for most conventional tungsten and FEG SEMs
Excellent low kV performance
High performance parabolic collection mirror
High spatial resolution
Operates in HV and LV mode
Compositional monochromatic video output
Dynamic range: 185-850nm (standard), optional wider range (400-1200nm)

Backscatter (BSE):
Phosphor or YAG scintillator options
Good atomic number resolution
Dynamic range: 300-650nm
High performance parabolic scintillator (or YAG crystal)

System options:
Motorised insertion with Bellows sealing: The Motorised Centaurus Detector has all the functions of the manual model but with motorised insertion and welded bellows sealing. Its main application is for mounting in an inconvenient place, often behind the electron optical column. Its use is invaluable systems used in hazardous environments such as ”hot cells”.
Additional BSE or CL tips: Purchase a CL system with additional BSE tip.
Exchangeable PMTs:
PMT tubes are user exchangeable to optimise collection wavelength.


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