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Deben UK Ltd. are a world leading design and manufacturer of accessory products for Scanning Electron Microscopes and X-Ray CT systems. We provide technical solutions for SEM and µXCT researchers looking to perform a variety of in-situ tensile and compression testing, using a range of standard products specifically designed and manufactured to suit these needs, supplied both directly and indirectly through agent and OEM distribution. The tensile and compression testing stages also come with a variety of heating and cooling options to provide in-situ observations under real world conditions allowing users the ability to see and understand dynamic changes to their specimens.

Our products are designed with universal applicability enabling their use on a wide range of leading original equipment manufacturers systems, supporting applications with SEM, TEM, optical, AFM and XRD, X-Ray, and Synchrotron enabling customers maximise the capabilities of their original investment.

Standard products with force ranges from as little as a few Newtons, up to 20kN with the addition of 100nM torsion, and temperature capabilities from -100oC to +1400oC are available, and, in addition, our in-house design and manufacturing teams are able to provide customised solutions to suit new and novel testing applications.

Further, Deben UK also provide a range of SEM chamber accessories, such as heating and cooling stages, STEM, backscatter, and cathode luminescence detectors, and chamberscopes to name but a few.

The Deben UK team provide customer service and support from their offices near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, and through their agent network around the world. Check out the website at for more information and why not get in touch with us to discuss your particular testing needs.







Deben UK Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Judges Scientific plc
Registered in England & Wales, number: 3208255
Registered office: 52c Borough High Street, London, SE1 1XN, UK

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