Microtest Tensile Stages

Microtest Tensile Stages

Fault finding:

Can I upgrade my software to work with Windows 7.0 / Windows 10.0?
Software upgrades are available but you may also need a firmware or processor upgrade, contact us with your system serial number and we can quote the upgrade cost.

Extension does not read or it’s reading incorrectly.
Check that the settings for your system shown on the last page of the operation manual are correctly entered into the system setup page in the software, if you’ve lost your manual please contact us withyour system serial number and we will email the settings to you.

Loadcell reading ‘under-range’ or ‘over-range’
There are a number of reasons why the loadcell can read underrange or overrange:
1-       The loadcell zero offset has not been set correctly.  Please refer to the user manual for details of how to set this.
2-       Another possible cause is the 15 way D type not being fully connected to the rear of the electronics chassis.  It is important that the connector is pushed in fully and that the screw locks are done up tightly.
3-       Please make sure that the 6 way metal connector that is fitted to the wire that comes directly from the loadcell is also fully connected.
4-       The problem could be due to a broken wire, a faulty loadcell, or faulty electronics. The first test is to plug the Microtest stage directly into the electronics chassis therefore bypassing the black extension cable and any feedthroughs.  If the system now works then we know that the fault lies in one of these two parts and the fault can then be tracked down further.
If the system still does not work with the stage connected directly to the electronics then a multimeter can be used take some measurements. Contact us for more information.

Some helpful PDF guides:

Loadcell Fault Finding Guide.


Running Microtest software as administrator on your PC.


How to prevent the Microtest window minimizing at startup.


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