SEM Instrumentation

JEOL SEM Motorised objective aperture holder

Deben can offer a motorised aperture for many SEM columns including JEOL JSM-5400/5600/6360/6510, JSM5800/5900/6460/IT300 JSM-840/6300/6400/7000/7001, JXA-8600 and JXA-8900.

The motorised unit completely replaces the existing final aperture assembly and utilises the existing aperture strip. The system comprises a precision motorised mechanical assembly, drive electronics and keypad controller.

Up to five aperture positions can be selected using push buttons. Aperture positions are stored in non-volatile memory so that when selecting a new aperture, re-centering is not necessary. Total movement is 10mmx1mm with position reproducability better than 3µm. Motorised apertures may be supplied for any column with a side entry aperture holder.

An RS-232 interface in incorporated for remote operation, aperture selection may then be controlled from a microscope computer control program, removing the need for a keypad.

Applications include hot cell construction and remote operation (internet microscopes).


  • Two axis motorised operation compact drive unit
  • Replaces existing manual aperture assembly & utilises original aperture strip
  • Precision mechanical assembly
  • Keypad operation
  • Up to five aperture positions
  • Position repeatability better than 3µm
  • Precision DC gear motors with optical encoders
  • Aperture selection display
  • RS-232 interface for remote control

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