SEM & TEM Detectors
STEM, BSE & CL detectors for SEM, CMOS and CCD cameras for TEM
SEM Backscatter Detector (BSE), 4 quadrant

Built on 30 years of backscattered electron detector experience the microprocessor controlled Gen5 electronics offers unrivalled speed, and sensitivity combined with low noise.

Centaurus SEM CL & BSE Detector

Centaurus CL detector provides unrivalled sensitivity and can be changed to a BSE detector by swapping the mirrored tip with a phosphor coated tip.

Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM Detector

Retractable SEM STEM detector with Bright Field, Dark Field and Dark Field Phase Contrast imaging.

HAADF Annular SEM STEM detector

Retractable SEM STEM detector with Bright field, LAADF, MAADF & HAADF detector segments

AMT sCMOS & CCD TEM Camera systems

Easy to use TEM Camera systems with either sCMOS or CCD sensors.

SEM EBIC Amplifier (Specimen Current Detector) & specimen holders

Specimen Current / EBIC Amplifier for producing an image from the small currents absorbed by the sample in the SEM.


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